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For those few of you that follow me, I have moved to my new blog and art site, which is under my pen name Emay Ayche.


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Fragile Holidays


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I can finally say it. I’m just not a “holiday person” by any sense of the term.  I get very depressed and sad for many reasons.  I do hope others find joy in the holidays though.

Don’t get me wrong. I am compassionate, loving and giving all through the year to everyone, even during my “depressed holidays,” of course.  I’m such a sensitive empath, that I get very overloaded sensing and feeling all the energy around me.  If I go out shopping, I might feel like crying one minute and, elated the next…and no, it’s not totally hormonal.  While travelling, I can be overly afraid and anxious. I also get angry inside when I feel emotional suffering in others and knowing there’s almost nothing I can do to help them. My internalized anger comes and goes many times. These are my feelings, just like any of us humans.

I’m not scrooge, I’m “sensitive, yet very huggable. :-)”

With this “overload” of sorts, I find myself withdrawing from the world, not out of pity or fear, but to reduce the “input” of things that I know could overwhelm me.  It is quite painful on the inside and I have anxiety attacks spawn from these things.  I just want to be left alone for the duration of the holidays really.  I also overload on goodness, and overload on sadness from all the social expectations and commercialist stress I witness this time of year.  Starting to “feel it” again and I need to stop writing. So, I’ll just ride out the storm until it all calms down to a low roar in January. Have a happy holiday season everyone and handle each other with care not just this holiday season…and every season.


P.S. -if your an empath and you have overcome the overwhelming holidays, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

I Feel Best When…


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It has been some time since I have written in my blog. Thank you for not abandoning me my friends. Sometimes, occasional, is better than every day.

I feel best when on occasion, I…

Write a poem.
Draw a picture.
Paint a painting.
Sing a song.

…be creative.

Give a hug.
Share a star.
Greet a stranger.
Give a gift.

…be compassionate.

Sudden Silence


It’s been some time, I know. Suddenly, everything is silent.

Right now, in this moment, my best friend is no longer my best friend.  It doesn’t matter who’s at fault, or what the cause.  I have a hollow feeling.  Thanks for being my friend, I am humbly sorry.  Maybe we can be best friends again some day.

In recent days, I’ve not been feeling well either. Physical pains and depression once again. My body is degrading, no matter what I try to do to make it better.

All I can do now is try to meditate and keep moving forward.


Gentle Are The Ones We Cry Upon


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Okay, one more poem for today. Peace be with us all.

Gentle Are The Ones We Cry Upon

Stop! Let me see you.
Oh, how far you have come!
May peace swaddle your soul;
the journey is ever so frail.

Remember this.

Gentle are the ones we cry upon,
tender are their hearts.
Strong are the ones we stand beside,
solid with their poise.

Times of fear, times of strength.
The ground will rumble beneath you.
Flash of light, thunder above you,
then shower, sprinkle, calm.

Now go! Walk on.

Tell me when you find the gift I left along the path.
A token to help you along your way.
Hope to me is as the feather to the bird.
You must arrive, before you begin again.

– Emay

A Day in the Garden


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Slept among the soft flower’s petals.
Cushion of dew
the bright sky blazes from white morning sun
azure shadows stretch across downy grass
you awaken in that moment of that place.

Chirps, whistles, caws and tweets.
Sounds of a scurry, a pitter-patter, a rustle, a jiggle,
a drip, a breeze, a knock of a branch,
a slither, a slip, a pop and a shuffle.

Sleep among the soft flower’s petals.
Pillow of down
the bright sky hushed from a warm evening sun
ashen shadows fade from parched grass
you slumber in that moment and place.


Life is beautiful.

This poem is awesome.

Erika Fuego

If you’ve ever…

missed someone

been lied to

cried all night

loved someone who didn’t love you back

been made fun of











Life is terrible.

If you’ve ever

Had a first kiss

Played with a puppy

Eaten something delicious

Had an orgasm

Cuddled all night

Got high

Laughed till you cried

Shared a smile with a stranger

Fell in love

Felt needed

Blasted the stereo

read a good book

Looked into the eyes of a baby

Did something for someone 

Watched a movie that took you away

Looked up at the night sky

Received a compliment

felt appreciated

gave love

received love

Life is wonderful.

Life is a little terrible & a little wonderful.

If life weren’t terrible sometimes, you would not know wonderful.

If life felt wonderful all the time you wouldn’t know how wonderful, wonderful really is.

The secret…

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Mother Winter


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Mother WinterMother Winter, thank you for your visit.

Mother Winter, may you fall sleep in the freshness of Spring, dream in the warmth of Summer, and awaken in the colors of Autumn.

Mother Winter, fare thee well until next time.



Friends, I am also starting a blog called “My Little Red Bowl” on its own domain. It is about eating wisely and healthy eating.  Please stop by and follow! 🙂  Namaste’



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Sing me not – my voice is lost.
Draw you not – my hand is cold.
Write me not – my words are fragments.
See you not – my sight is blurred.
Hear me not – my voice will stutter.

Maybe another day.
Today I am not.